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“Capitol Hill – Winter Time” by Karoliina Veijo


This weekend all eyes were on Washington DC. For me the city views of that extraordinary treasure of architecture offered a chance to reminisce the time I got to spent in DC a few years back and inspired me to go through my photo archives in order to create a new piece of photography art. This brand new work depicts one of my most favorite buildings, the beautiful, beautiful United States Capitol also known as the Capitol Building or Capitol Hill.

I visited DC in 2009 and captured that ivory palace under a scorching June sun. With some artistic liberties photos taken during that very hot and humid summer turned into a cool, snowy winter photo collage called Capitol Hill – Winter Time”. 


The huge dome of the Capitol Hill rings the bells of familiarity in me in a strange way… Now, wait a minute. Where else have I seen that… Oh, of course in my very own home town Helsinki, just in a little bit smaller scale! The architecture of the Capitol Hill resembles the architecture of one of the most famous buildings in Finland, the snow white Helsinki Cathedral.

The cathedral was designed by Carl Ludvig Engel & Ernst Lohrmann and built between 1830-1852 whereas the Capitol Building, designed by William Thornton, was finished already in 1800 and expanded during the 19th century. Both buildings represent the neoclassical style. Isn’t it fantastic how architecture – and art – can build a visual bridge between two countries. On that thought; blue and white, the main colors of the Capitol Hill piece, are also the colors of our flag and very visible this year when Finland celebrates it’s centennial. There is snow in Helsinki. There is snow in Washington DC. And above both cities, there is the cool blue sky.

I hope that you get to see these beautiful buildings – and that you enjoy this piece of winter art. Well actually two pieces, since of course after comparing those two buildings and contemplating their visual similarities I just had to create a Helsinki Cathedral work as well.

Have a nice week!

- K.
“Helsinki Cathedral – Winter Time” by Karoliina Veijo
<![CDATA[LOVING NEW YORK]]>Mon, 12 Sep 2016 16:44:44 GMThttp://karoliinaveijo.com/blog/loving-new-york
"New York - Elements I" by Karoliina Veijo.


I visited New York in 2009 and the city totally stole my heart. During two weeks I took a lot of photos and I’ve created many pieces of art in various styles of those shots. Still, even yesterday I managed to find an interesting and unused” image of New York! Oh the joy! That picture became New York – Elements I”. It felt like coming home, to work with the visuals of the Big Apple again!


This powder colored, almost symmetrical piece with blue, pink, black and white accents is a layered digital photography collage, depicting skyscrapers in Manhattan. I think it is a kind of poetry of lines. The structure of the surface and the shapes of the buildings have a rhythm to them. Maybe that’s why I can also see this piece turning into music – not exactly into a symphony, but rather into an anthem for a city full of astonishing architecture.

The structure of the image reminds me of kaleidoscopes. It feels like as if someone might just turn the cylinder a bit to the right and this image would appear no longer. The sections, shapes and blocks of color would reposition them selves and the image would be called Elements II”.

If I look at the image just as a piece of two dimensional art, it feels to me, that the changing point of views and fragments of altering colors within the image create an impression of time passing. The light seems to change. The viewer seems to be moving along the street, even though the location stays the same.

I hope you enjoy this piece of art. It’s New York cousins can be found under the “artworks”.

Have a fantastic week!
I bet, that especially if you are in New York, it’s bound to be just that!

- K.

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<![CDATA[CREATING IS A MYSTICAL THING]]>Sun, 04 Sep 2016 10:57:38 GMThttp://karoliinaveijo.com/blog/creating-is-a-mystical-thing
"Sibelius Park - A Velvet Forest"


...Everyone and welcome to read my brand new blog.


​My art is photography based and usually when I’m gathering material i.e. taking photos, I have a certain use for each shot in mind. Some pics are going to be used in a very documentary way, so that it’ll just be the image framed as it was, when shot, then dipped into a digital color bath, some are going to be a part of an elaborate collage, some are going to be travel shots or visual memories for personal use.

When I shoot, I tend to take a lot – a lot – of pictures, so it also takes time to go through them. I choose the ones I’m going to be working with and start experimenting with them using an image manipulation program. From there on, it’s a bit of a mystery.


​Each shot seems to have a preferred coloring in mind. I may have thought that, yep, I feel like creating something simple and blue, but end up with a purple or pink collage. No use in fighting that. Just last night I got totally surprised.

A year ago I photographed a cloud of hovering insects, that were lit by the evening Sun. They glowed against the deep green of the trees. Nature; wow. Yesterday I tried different things with the computer and almost gave up, when suddenly the work was finished and I just kept on staring at the final image. You see, I don’t usually tend to get hypnotized by my own works, but this one had some strange power over me. Maybe you feel it too?

The little flying creatures seem like falling snow. It creates a sense of calmness. Some of the flying creatures are white, some are black. That creates a sense of depth along with the background. The center of the image is like delicate black lace and at the same time a mystical gate into an unknown world. The shapes and colors of the work seem to make the forest move. It’s hard to focus on just one thing. I guess it’s a bit like it was watching the insects hovering in the air at the Sibelius Park. I love that!

”A Velvet Forest” felt like the right name for this piece. I hope you enjoy it and my other pieces of art as well.

This first bit of writing became a rather emotional one. I’m just so perplexed by this work and the mysteries of creating. Well, it made me open the blog.

Have a lovely Sunday. Be well.

- K.
Details of "Sibelius Park - A Velvet Forest" photography art piece by Karoliina Veijo.